Welcome to the very first post for The Community Builder Show.

I am Travis King, host of the Community Builder Podcast and today I’ll explain what you can expect from the show.

The truth is, I started this podcast to answer the question, how does community impact our lives and why it matters. We’re more connected than ever, but it doesn’t feel like it. We live on screens feeds, in comments, code, technology, and tools. Yet, these tools aren’t creating genuine human-to-human connections. More people feel alone than ever before. 46% of U.S. adults report sometimes or always feeling lonely. Even more interesting, only around 50% of Americans say they have meaningful in-person social interactions on a daily basis. Things like, having an extended conversation with a friend or spending time with a loved one. (1)

Attention fuels our world. Everyone’s got a million things going on. If your community isn’t providing value for someone at this moment in time, you’re not going to break through the noise. This podcast exists to help us all, break through the noise.

So what can you expect to hear when you listen to each episode?

Each episode will be no longer than 25 minutes. I will interview guests who are building community in Fortune 500 companies, developing cities, local neighborhoods, the world of entrepreneurship and more. Some topics I plan to cover are:

  • The value of a human connection
  • The real Impact of community human lives
  • Community support & success
  • Product ideation, innovation, and feedback
  • How to drive awareness and growth
  • Content creation and programming
  • Community engagement
  • How to scale community impact, and more.

If you have any ideas for possible episode topics that I should cover on the show, or you know someone that would be a perfect guest, make sure to connect with me via email at travis@communitybuildershow.com. The more input I get from listeners, the better this podcast is going to be.

Thank you so much for making space in your world to read this introductory post for The Community Builder Show.

Make sure to subscribe to the show in iTunes or your favorite podcast player.

Until next time.

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