On this episode, Travis sits down with Jayson Gaignard. On this episode, Travis and Jayson dive into how Jayson got started with Mastermind Talks, managing relationships at scale, how to find any mentor you want in 2019, and his initial take on diversity and inclusion.

Jayson is an Author, Podcaster, and Networking Specialist. Named one of Forbes “Top Networkers to Watch” Jayson is the founder of MastermindTalks. MMT Is An Invitation-Only, 3 Day Live Experience that Brings Together Some Of The World’s Most Fascinating People. With an acceptance rate lower than Harvard University, the event brings together brilliant minds from business thought leaders, to industry trailblazers and New York Times bestselling authors.

Where to find Jayson Online:




Mastermind Talks

Personal Website

Community Made Podcast

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