On July 12 2018, Travis and B2B Growth host James Carbary met for lunch in New York City because of an invitation Travis received at the end of an episode of the B2B Growth Show. These are called B2B Growth Dinners (in my case it was lunch) are still happening all over the country! You can sign up here to let James know you’re interested in sitting down and connecting IRL. Because of this lunch, Travis left inspired to start his own podcast about community building.

On this episode, Travis and James dive into 8 different ways he builds his offline podcast community. We talk about building relationships, friendships, creating magic moments, professional growth meals, and more.

8 Ways to Build an Offline Podcast Community:

  1. Build Relationships
  2. Treat your community members like friends.
  3. Create magic moments, which are contingent upon active listening.
  4. Set up time for Growth Meals
  5. Lock arms w/ other people who want the same desired result / how to active an audio community offline
  6. How to scale your efforts
  7. Build trust
  8. Start not with the product, but with the community

James Carbary is the founder of Sweet Fish Media, a podcast agency for B2B brands. He also coined the term #contentbasednetworking in this post on LinkedIn. He’s a contributor for Entrepreneur, and he also co-hosts a top-ranked podcast according to Forbes: B2B Growth. When James isn’t interviewing the smartest minds in B2B marketing, he’s drinking Cherry Coke Zero and eating Swedish Fish.

Where to find James Online:



SweetFish Media

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